T.J. Trimble
425.218.7467 trimblet.com
Linguist - Facebook
2019-05-27 – Present
Linguist - PRO Unlimited @ Facebook
2018-01-08 – 2019-05-26
Linguist - Appen @ Facebook
2017-07-17 – 2018-01-07
  • Tools development:
    • CLI tools for ontology development, guidelines management, annotation quality, data quality, and model metrics in Python
    • Web-based tools for annotator training, inter-annotator agreement, and annotation visualization in PHP/Hack and JavaScript/React.
  • Development leadership:
    • Led four computational linguists by organizing projects and workloads and providing technical leadership and mentorship.
    • Coordinated with other teams, built internal and external relationships, and developed individuals’ skills.
    • Consulted on contracts for Quality Assurance and technical requirements.
  • Dialogue Agent Semantics:
    • Worked closely with client to develop schema, ontology, and guidelines for tree-based, task oriented semantic annotation from model inception through product delivery of Facebook Portal.
    • Managed annotators and data for quality data deliverables.
    • Coordinated work across the product pipeline, connecting disparate product development cycles and organizing work to connect critical ontological ideas and infrastructure.
  • Hiring and onboarding:
    • Created and developed hiring goals, job postings, core competencies, and interview questions for technical and non-technical roles in collaboration with key stake holders and peers.
    • Conducted and reviewed dozens of interviews.
2015-04-06 — 2016-10-07
FirstRain, Inc.
Natural Language Processing Engineer
  • Information Extraction: Owned and improved an Information Extraction engine processing thousands of documents every day, built on top of Stanford’s TokensRegex system.
  • Entity Linking: Designed, developed, and deployed a system matching named entities with topics over 100,000 documents per day.
University of Washington 2012-09-24 — 2014-12-05
Master of Science - Computational Linguistics
  • Thesis: Extended the Grammar Matrix, an open source grammar engineering project using HPSG, to enable the morphological, syntactic, and semantic analysis of adjectives cross-linguistically.
  • Natural Language Processing: tokenization, POS tagging, chunking, parsing, word sense disambiguation, sentiment analysis, coreference resolution, etc. using FSA/FSTs, CKY, etc.
  • Machine Learning: classification, clustering, and sequence labeling using Neural Networks (DNN, CNN, RNN, etc.), Naïve Bayes, MaxEnt/Logistic Regression, K-means, etc.
Natural languages: English (native), French (intermediate), Japanese (beginner), Italian (beginner)
Programming languages: Python (7 years), JavaScript/React (7 years), PHP/Hack (8 years), Java (5 years)
NLP Packages (7 years): nltk, coreNLP
NLP/Machine Learning Software Packages (3 years): TensorFlow, NumPy
VCS (8 years): git, svn, mercurial
IDE (7 years): Atom/VSCode/Nuclide, Eclipse